“Zack, the pearl necklaces and earrings that you made for my wife Danielle and our daughter Ellica will hold a very deep meaning forever. After I presented Danielle with the beautiful three strand pink pearl necklace and the bigger single strand white pearl necklace during our engagement, we decided right away that she would wear the white necklace on our wedding day. Since Ellica is my stepdaughter, and I was going to be to stepping in as the only father she's ever known, we decided to present her with a necklace as my vow to her during the wedding ceremony. At the ceremony, I took the necklace that you made for her and got down on my knees and told her that I vowed to love and respect her mommy and to be a good example of a husband, and I promised to love and take care of her as my own daughter. She was so thankful that God brought me into her life, and I was so grateful to receive such a beautiful child. All the jewelry that you made for us marked a very important day of commitment and love. I can't wait to see Ellica wear that necklace as an adult. Thank you doesn’t even come close!!!!”

House Painter
Spring Lake, NJ

“Where do I begin? Love, love, love everything! Thank you Zack for coming out and displaying all of your one-of-a-kind pieces. They were truly unique! I especially appreciated your insight and knowledge of all the stones in your collection. I’m not one to wear much jewelry and until now was afraid to try on beautiful pieces of jewelry, that’s all changed because of the freshwater pearl and serpentine necklace I purchased from you. I’ve gotten so many compliments, that it’s prompted me to feel confident enough to collect more pieces and wear more jewelry! Thank you so much.”

Alexsa Marrero
Commodity Delivery Specialist
Manhattan Financial
New York, NY

“Zack, what beautiful jewelry you make! I was very impressed by the detail of work in each piece, especially the story behind them. Knowing the origin and inspiration of the jewelry made it a unique purchase for me; a nice personal touch. I thought I was going to buy a pair of earrings and instead walked out with several pairs, a bracelet, and a necklace to top it all off. I love that each piece is so versatile. I can either wear them to the office or dress them up for a night out on the town. The stones in all my new jewelry have such natural beauty to them. My necklace is really the perfect accent to any occasion. Thank you Zack and Fabiana for my jewelry party, and for introducing me and my friends to your stunning work!”

Andrea L. Molina
Liz Claiborne - Cosmetics
Executive Assistant
New York, NY

“I recently hosted an Accents in Bloom jewelry party at my apartment with Zack and Fabiana. Not only was the party a hit with my friends, but I ended up with a beautiful quartz necklace and earrings that my boyfriend purchased for me as an early birthday present. All of Zack's pieces are so special and unique and really need to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. The jewelry party gave my girlfriends and I the opportunity to try on all the pieces that we liked and have Zack tell us a little something about each one. It was in trying on a number of pieces that I was able to find the one necklace that truly defined my personal style and made me feel particularly beautiful when putting it on. I loved another necklace so much as well that I had to purchase it for my mother as a gift! I am so beyond satisfied with both the jewelry and personal service at Accents in Bloom that I would recommend that everyone go to Zachary Bloom for all of their jewelry needs!”

Abigail Gardner
Art Appraiser
New York, NY

"Zack, Oh my! Well, I had the most perfect evening with my girlfriend and the turquoise and bronze Biwa pearl necklace and earrings you made. It went like this...We got to the park and I pulled in to the parking lot where the overlook is with about two minutes left before they closed the gate!!! I grabbed a flashlight and a couple of blankets out of the car and we hopped the fence and made our way to a flat boulder sitting at the edge of the overlook. The view was spectacular! I unfolded the first blanket and lo and behold there was some tissue paper inside of it! After a bit of an explanation of how I was thinking of her when I saw the still unrevealed gift, I opened the tissue paper and pulled out the jewelry set. Her first response was that quick breath inward indicating surprise and then there was the huge smile. She put on the necklace and asked if she could wait to put on the earrings at the house in fear of loosing them in the dark. After we got back to my house she immediately walked over to the mirror to see herself in the necklace and to try on the earrings in better light. Her response was exactly what both you and I love to hear. 'It's beautiful! I love it! It's so me!' Well, thank you so much for the wonderful jewelry. It was such a pleasure to meet you. I hope and feel that you will continue to be able to touch many other people like Stephanie and I have been touched by your work."

Marc D. Thompson
Halcyn Industries
Computer Consultant/Chef/Owner/Operator
Lithia Springs, GA

"Praise God, Zack! I want to thank you for sharing your gift with my wife and me. When I gave the jewels of God to her, she laid her eyes on the pearls and precious stones and the look in her eyes when she saw the gift spoke words of gratefulness and thankfulness that couldn't be verbalized at that moment. I have given my wife diamonds before as a gift, but these jewels were special to her. She's a woman of simplicity and the necklace, earrings, and bracelet had a uniqueness about them that set well with her. The originality and anointing of the jewelry made by your hands was the difference. I want to thank you once again for sharing your gift with us, the gift God gave to you. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future."

Brother Ed.
Atlanta, GA

"I just love wearing my piece made by the hands of Zachary Bloom. It looks somewhat tribal in its natural form as the coral pieces are not cut to one uniform size. However, the way Zachary arranged them gives way to a design that exudes femininity and style. The coral goes with practically everything and compliments are always present when it is around my neck. The earrings, which are delicate and simple, complete the set. Thank you Zachary for your eye for design and quality of your work."

Rebecca Love
Sculptor Artist
Occidental, CA

"I love the look of my Accents in Bloom Biwa pearl set. It's exotic, the colors are rich and the gold closures are the only hint of a traditional pearl set. I can wear it with any color, in any season and it makes my outfit look sophisticated."

Claudia Paternina
Sales Manager
Catch A Fire Clothing
New York, NY

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