I want to begin by giving honor to God and acknowledging that my talents are a gift from Him.

Growing up surrounded by gemstones in my fatherís house, it seems only appropriate that my design passion celebrate my heritage. My father, who is a stone cutter and bead wholesaler, introduced me to various aspects of the gemstone industry at a young age. However, I did not always dream of designing jewelry. I followed my own path to New York University, where I pursued an acting career and received a B.A. in Theatre Arts.

Further moved by my love for theatre, my interest in psychology, and my desire to help people, I returned to my alma mater and pursued an advanced degree and graduated with an M.A in Drama Therapy. While in graduate school, I met a wonderful woman named Fabiana. Inspired by her beauty and the desire to impress her with something handmade, I decided to attempt to make a piece of jewelry. My father provided me with a beautiful strand of natural turquoise, and I set out to learn some beading techniques. Raw material in hand, I headed into NYC and consulted a few jewelry designers to learn the basics.

Upon completion of the necklace, I presented it to Fabiana and she absolutely loved it! Encouraged by her appreciation, I began crafting more pieces. As my skills began to develop, more and more people began to express interest in purchasing my jewelry. Fabiana and I then decided to start hosting jewelry parties in womenís homes and entering craft fairs.

Now happily married to my gorgeous wife Fabiana, I have been so blessed to be able to showcase my designs in museums, galleries, boutiques and on the bodies of many wonderful customers. In the photo above, you can see Fabiana and me on the beach in Spring Lake, NJ where we got married. The turquoise necklace she is wearing is that very first necklace I designed years ago, which was the beginning of Accents in Bloom.

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